Energy Infrastructure

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions: One step ahead, promising solution to the world of renewable energy needs!

Trinity offers a range of well integrated and diverse, high efficiency electric vehicle charging solutions that are reliable, user friendly and capable of fulfilling the current energy needs of all kinds. Leading the industry with it’s out of the box service solutions, we deliver the most steadfast and full-bodied EV charging solutions that are a fit for all.

Advantages of Trinity EV Charing Solutions

  • Fast and convenient charging process
  • User friendly interface that makes us a leader in the industry
  • Complete real time based monitoring and control
  • Well integrated site operations with operators for optimised charging, configuration, and maintenance
  • Cloud-based network platform for a well sorted process management, record analysis, membership management and service billing
  • Smart grid capabilities for maximized management of load network and improved loading process for each user-optimized function